Ship welder MIG 135, MAG 136, 🇵🇱Poland

  • Position:
  • Salary: $1300 - $1770 + EU Residence +free accommodation +medical
  • Requirements: 5 years experience MIG 135, MAG 136
  • Expenses: 4,300 USD
  • Location:
  • Job ID: 07252
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Job Description



Ship welder – welds structural members and hull reinforcement – plate panels, sections and structural blocks of the hull, prepared and placed earlier by the ship hull fitter of watercraft (offshore) .

Welding of structural members and hull reinforcement, sections, structural blocks of the hull etc. of watercraft (offshore)

Welder steel – MIG 136 technique –


Hourly pay rate: 22 PLN/hour  5.86 USD*/hour net

Workload available: 250 hours and up (10 hours/6 days)

Sample salary calculation: 

5 days/10 hours = 1,300 USD

6 days/12 hours = 1,770 USD

Disclaimer: all USD amounts are subject to currency rates and are presented for indication purposes only.

Type of contract: “Umowa zlecenie” (Mandate Contract), unlimited duration.

Salary is paid out on a monthly basis.


  • Free accommodation
  • Commuting to place of work: on foot or the employer provides a monthly pass for urban transportation, if necessary
  • Medical and social insurance


  • Minimum 5 years experience in the position of a welder MIG, MAG 135,136
  • Fitting skills, knowledge of technical drawing
  • European Welding Certificate TUF (can be obtained in Poland upon arrival)
  • Diligent approach to duties performed

Each candidate should be able to communicate in English.


Applicants who currently reside and work in South Korea


Polish work permit (long term). Arranged by employer and agency. Initial period – 1 year. After that prolonged to next year by you and employer.

Processing time: 2-3 months.

Permanent residence: possible after 5 years of continuous stay.


Total expenses: 4,300 USD . What’s included:

  • Placement fee
  • documents
  • expenses
  • air-ticket to Poland
  • Flight and hotel expenses to visa application Consulate

Other expenses:
Polish visa fee (approximately 70 USD).

COVID-19 related expenses: In case there is statutory requirement for 10 days of quarantine upon arrival to Poland, accommodation in  quarantine hostel is paid by worker. Approximate amount of 400 PLN. This measure is applicable only during COVID-19 restrictions.

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